Poppies in Barranco Guayadeque

Explore Guayadeque in Gran Canaria

Guayadeque is the place to go to if you want to learn more about the history of Gran Canaria

A number of us will go out of our ways to learn about the places we visit. Discovering what influences were prominent in creating the societies and cities of today has its own special allure.

Barranco de Guayadeque 45 panoramica

Barranco de Guayadeque 45 panoramica—Rafa www.micamara.es (Flickr.com)

Perhaps the best place to check out in Gran Canaria if you’re interested in its history is Guayadeque, an ancient home of the Guanche, the earliest-recorded inhabitants of the Canary Islands.

The ravine of Guayadeque separates the two villages, Agüimes and Ingenio. The road leading to the ravine of Guayqdeque can be hard to find. If you drive from Agüimes towards Ingenio on GC-100, there is a narrow road on your left hand side, just before you drive out of the center of the village. It is almost a 90 degree turn.

The name of the road is Calle de la Orilla(GC-103). Drive slowly, and you will see a small signpost with the name Guayadeque. Likewise, if you come from Ingenio, you take the first exit to the right, before you drive into the village of Agüimes.

Vis større kart
This image/map from google shows how it looks when you drive out of Agüimes. Look for the small brown sign on the right hand side. You are supposed to turn left right before the peach colored house with the green door.

To understand the culture and make the most of your visit in Guayadeque, I recommend a stop on Museo de Guayadeque. It is located on the left side of the road before you drive up the ravine.

Museo de Guayadeque
(Centro de interpretación arqueológica)
Barranco de Guayadeque
35260 Agüimes

Tel. 928 17 20 26

Tuesday – Saturday 9.00 – 17.00
Sunday 10.00 – 18.00
Monday  Closed

This steep-sided ravine, located roughly twenty minutes inland from Gran Canaria’s major airport, showcases a series of natural caves that were called home by the Guanche.

The climb up the ravine can be a bit arduous, but well worth the effort, showcasing the simple lifestyle of the aboriginal inhabitants to those willing to make the hike. Numerous caves, a gorgeous view, and the chance to stand amidst history are waiting at the top.

Enjoy a visit in the cave homes and the cave chapel in Guayadeque

In addition to the series of cave homes, Guayadeque also has a chapel, carved completely from the natural rock, situated at the base of the largest cave formation. It’s small, intimate, and always cool, no matter how warm of a day it is.

Next to the chapel is a more modern attraction, in the form of a Tapas bar operating out of one of the caves. The perfect way to relax and recharge after an interesting trip, no?

There is also a restaurant on the top of the ravine, at Montana de las Tierras you’ll find Restaurante Tagaror. If you want to have a real rural Gran Canaria Holiday, you can rent a cave house/appartment up here. And enjoy your breakfast at Restaurante Tagaror. The perfect place to stay if you love hiking in the mountains.

Although the history of Gran Canaria quite often seems to be dominated by the influx of other Mediterranean cultures, the simple life of the Guanche definitely played a part.

Poppies in Barranco Guayadeque

Poppies in Barranco Guayadeque

With descendants of the original natives still living their simple lives, accompanied by the curious, and being home to the only year-round source of running water on the island, Guayadeque has an undeniable place in the history of the island.

So take an afternoon while you’re visiting, and check out one of the islands favorite national treasures. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Guayadeque – one of the islands national treasures

Fun in Aqualand Maspalomoas

Theme Parks of Gran Canaria

Family vacations can be a great time, but we all know that there’s only so much rest and relaxation the kids can handle before they have to do something they consider fun.

Lucky for you, Gran Canaria understands this, and has a wide variety of theme parks to help your children scratch their itch.

From rollercoasters, to atriums and crocodile parks, even an American Wild West shootout or two, Gran Canarias theme parks are just waiting to please you and your family.

Holiday World and Palmitos Park

American Eagle in Palmitos Theme Park

American Eagle in Palmitos Park

For a more typical theme park experience, Holiday World, located in Maspalomes, offers what you’d expect from an amusement park; a giant ferris wheel, rollercoasters, and various other rides that’ll make your kids scream with delight.

Just outside Maspalomes rests Palmitos Park, a zoological preserve featuring dozens of species of birds, aquariums, a tropical river replica complete with piranhas, a Komodo Dragon, and many other animals, complete with a petting zoo and trained parrot shows.

 Sioux City theme park – San Augustin

Looking for something as far from ordinary as you are from home?

Sioux city gran canaria, SIOUX CITY Lugar Cañón del Águila San Bartolome de…

Sioux city gran canaria, SIOUX CITY Lugar Cañón del Águila San Bartolome de…—EDUARDO GAVIÑA MARAÑÓN (Flickr.com)

Check out Sioux Citytheme park, located near San Agustin, a faithful replica of an American Wild West town, complete with everything you’d expect from an old west-themed amusement park; saloons, replica Indian reservation, and re-enactments of many classic scenarios from the Wild West, including bank robberies and shootouts.

Definitely something you wouldn’t expect to see in Gran Canaria, this theme park was originally designed as a movie set back in 1972, and instead of being scrapped after filming, it was repurposed into a theme park.

Water Parks in Gran Canaria

There are several water parks on the island, that can be fun for the whole family. One of them is Aqualand Maspalomas, it is probably the most popular, even if you find a smaller one in Puerto Rico as well. It is also possible to combine Palmitos Park and Aqualand Maspalomas. You can save when you purchase a two day pass. One for each park.

Fun in Aqualand Maspalomoas

Fun in Aqualand Maspalomoas

Gran Canaria is known for being a tropical island paradise, but families on vacation can only handle so much serenity before something more exciting is required.

With an interesting, and very unexpected in some cases, variety of theme parks, every family can find their own brand of “a great time”, whenever they want it.

On A Clear Day You Can See Teide On Tenerife From Gran Canaria

Natural wonders of Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria has the most amazing variety of natural scenery

For being an island, Gran Canaria has a staggering variety of natural scenery and attractions, showcasing an impressive array of different vistas in a very small space. Mountains, beaches, deserts, forests, even the remains of ancient volcanoes can be found within its shores, making it a fantastic destination for anyone that truly loves nature, and all that entails. With enough scenic terrain to make an entire continent a bit jealous, countless hiking and biking trails, and all within a short distance of each other.

The Calima

Having said that, the last weeks has been incredibly hot at Gran Canaria, and when the “Calima” from Sahara strikes, it can be dangerous to go on a strenious hike in the mountains. A couple of weeks ago an elderly British couple died during a hike when the temperature was above 40 degrees C° during one of those days. The “Calima” never last for long, so take care and postpone your activities until the wind changes.

Nature Gran Canaria

The “Calima” can be described as tiny, tiny bits of sand in the atmosphere. It originates from sandstorms in the Sahara, and arrives on the Canaries with eastern winds from Africa. The canary islands is know to be a great place for asthmatics, but when the “Calima” strikes it is best to stay inside until it is over. It usually happens only 5 to 7 times a year.

The northern part of the island tends to catch the majority of the annual rainfall, resulting in lush, verdant forests, and much of the area is designated as protected parkland. The land itself is much rougher as well, with terraces, gorges, hidden coves on the coastline, cliffs, and more, emphasizing some of the rugged beauty Gran Canaria is known for.


On A Clear Day You Can See Teide On Tenerife From Gran Canaria

On A Clear Day You Can See Teide On Tenerife From Gran Canaria

The difference between the north and the south of Gran Canaria

The southern part of the island, in contrast, has much more predictable, but much drier, weather, resulting in day after day of radiant sunshine, and birthing a few areas of desert, as stunning in their desolate beauty as the north can be in it’s abundance. With shifting sand dunes, iconic oases, majestic cacti, and other desert-specific flora near at hand, Gran Canarias southern expanses offer a different, if no less compelling, exploration of what this place has to offer.

 The volcanic history of Gran Canaria can be thanked for the mountainous terrain that seems to divide the island, as well as two impressive calderas, making Gran Canaria one of the most varied landscapes anywhere in the world. With such a variation in climates and scenery, it’s no surprise that this island is one of the best destinations for nature lovers worldwide.

Where else than Gran Canaria can you go and see the natural world, all in one place?

Dolphin Spotting Cruise in Gran Canaria

Dolphin Spotting Cruise in Gran Canaria

Everyone loves dolphins and a dolphin-spotting excursion is sure to be the highlight of your Gran Canaria holiday.The coastline of Gran Canaria abounds with dolphins. The dolphin’s intelligence, playfulness and friendliness, its built-in smile and merry eyes have been a source of fascination and enchantment to human beings from the earliest times. Seeing dolphins close up is a magical and unforgettable experience for all ages. Our local partners have years of experience in searching for dolphins and there is an 80% chance you will see these magical creatures.Dolphin Spotting Cruise in Gran Canaria

Price: GBP 23.39

Book tickets from Isango here

Hiking in Gran Canaria

Hiking in Gran Canaria

If you love hiking then this is the perfect tour for you. Walking the trails through the spectacular landscapes of Gran Canaria is a delightful way to discover the dazzling beauty of the islands interior.The volcanic eruptions that created the Canaries aeons ago left a legacy of fascinating landforms, and hikers are greeted with exciting new views at every turn. Enjoy sparkling waterfalls, dizzying ravines, deep green pine forests and glades smelling of mint, sage and broom. See colorful wildflowers growing among the rocks and watch out for birds of prey circling overhead.All levels of hiking experience are catered for with this package. There are enjoyable walks for beginners, or those who are not quite so fit, as well as exciting and challenging routes for intermediate and advanced hikers.Hiking in Gran Canaria

Price: GBP 33.07

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Evening Entertainment at Garbo’s – Gran Canaria

Evening Entertainment at Garbo’s – Gran Canaria

Spend an incredible evening of unbeatable entertainment at Garbos. The restaurant provides a combination of personal waiter service and intimate dinner theatre.The restaurant serves up music and dancing throughout the night.We promise an evening full of song and dance unrivaled by any other. The best night of your holiday awaits you.Evening Entertainment at Garbo's - Gran Canaria

Price: GBP 36.30

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Camel Ride Across the Gran Canaria Sand Dunes

Camel Ride Across the Gran Canaria Sand Dunes

Tell friends back home youve been on a camel safari on your Gran Canaria vacation and they may not believe you!The amazing island of Gran Canaria boasts not only true desert but also camels, probably introduced by the Spaniards who conquered the Canaries.Mount your ship of the desert and move at a stately pace across the wild and arid landscape. On the way you can enjoy views of the magnificent Maspalomas dunes great mountains of golden sand rolling away to the horizon, just like a scene from the Lawrence of Arabia movie.Make sure you take plenty of photos and video footage to record your exciting adventure and convince the doubters at home!Camel Ride Across the Gran Canaria Sand Dunes

Price: GBP 9.68

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Tejeda and Roque Bentayga

Events and festivals of Gran Canaria

Traditional music and dancing in Gran Canaria

Some of us like to go someplace new to experience that place, not just to go sightseeing, or shopping in a mysterious and dazzling new city. We want to get a glimpse into their culture, their history, their beliefs, and their world. Gran Canaria has a plethora of festivals and events that will let you do just that.

Celebrating the flowering of the almond trees in Tejeda

Tejeda almendro, Fotos Ruta del Almendro en flor 2012 en Gran Canar…

Tejeda almendro, Fotos Ruta del Almendro en flor 2012 en Gran Canar…—El coleccionista de instantes (Flickr.com)

With something major going on in nearly every month of the year, the island nearly overflows with exciting proceedings that you can actually be a part of. Traditional music and dancing, solemn religious festivals, exuberant parties, parades, even food and wine tastings, the different events you can be a part of are incredible.

Tejeda and Roque BentaygaTejeda and Roque Bentayga

If you’re looking for a great party atmosphere while you’re visiting Gran Canaria, there’s a number of options. Fiesta del Almendro en Flor in early February is celebrated in Tejeda and Valsequillo, commemorating the flowering of the almond trees with singing, dancing, and of course, tasting.

Día de Canarias – National Holiday of the Canary Islands

Dia de canarias, XVII edición de la Fiesta de La Lana en Caideros G…

Dia de canarias, XVII edición de la Fiesta de La Lana en Caideros G…—El coleccionista de instantes (Flickr.com)

Día de Canarias, which takes place on May 30th, is the official national holiday, which includes concerts, traditional Canarian wrestling, folk music and dancing, among other events which mainly focus on tradition. And that’s just a start.

For a glimpse into the faith and beliefs of Gran Canaria, Corpus Christi in late May/early June, is an incredible display of religious devotion and respect, where streets and plazas are carpeted with beautiful flowers, or in some areas dyed salts, resulting in an amazing display of colors.

July 16th hosts Fiesta del Carmen, dedicated to the patron saint of fisherman, where statues of the Virgin are taken out to sea in floating parades of decorated boats.

This is, of course, just a taste of the various festivals held on Gran Canaria every year. The variety, and depth, of cultural and religious intensity in the festivals makes it a delightful destination for anyone wishing to learn more about the world, and have fun doing it.

Horse Riding in Gran Canaria

Horse Riding in Gran Canaria

Do something different this holiday and enjoy a pleasant horse riding experience in the beautiful Gran Canaria region. Ride your horse through the valleys of Gran Canaria, taking in the varied landscape and lush scenery.Enjoy the most beautiful mountains with fascinating views of the extensive beach of Playa del Ingls with its dunes. Ride though picturesque cactus fields and volcanic landscapes on paths that can only be conquered by horse back.Beginners need not fear as the rides are very easy and not strenuous. The good weather of the island makes horse riding a very popular sport here. The combined experience of riding a horse and the marvellous scenery make for a truly delightful experience!Horse Riding in Gran Canaria

Price: GBP 46.78

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Hop-On Hop-Off Tour of Las Palmas

Hop-On Hop-Off Tour of Las Palmas

Discover the many delights of Las Palmas, capital of Gran Canaria, on a flexible and convenient hop-on hop-off bus tour. This fun tour allows you to explore Las Palmas in your own way and in your own time. Tickets are available for one day or two and the bus route has 11 carefully chosen stops which make it easy to reach all the city highlights.You can jump on and off just as you like to see the Cathedral, go shopping in El Corte Ingles, stroll on the golden sands of Playa de Las Canteras, visit the Elder Museum or do whatever else appeals to you.Choose to sit inside the bus in air-conditioned comfort or enjoy the panoramic views from the open-air deck. An audio commentary will tell you all about the major landmarks as you go around the town.Hop-On Hop-Off Tour of Las Palmas

Price: GBP 12.10

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